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Estimate the number of hospitals in Delhi

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Mobiprep has created step by step solution to estimation questions for all product management and consulting interview questions to help you with the mastering placement interviews. So let’s get started with the estimation questions.

  1. Estimate the total number of light bulbs currently used in Delhi

  2. Estimate the number of hairs on your scalp

  3. Estimate the annual size of sport shoes in India

  4. Estimate the number of Golf ball that can fit in the room

  5. Estimate the number of Dogs in Delhi

  6. Number of Paracetamol tablets sold in Delhi

  7. Estimate the length of roads in Delhi

  8. Estimate the number of lakes in the world

  9. Estimate the number of hospitals in Delhi

Our team has curated a list of the most important product management frameworks asked in interviews such as Google, Deloitte, McKinsey, Microsoft, EY, ZS and many more. The frameworks are created from the best practices adopted by previous year candidates.

  1. Product Management: 4P's of Marketing

  2. Product Management: SWOT Analysis

  3. Product Management: AIDA Framework

  4. Product Management: Porter's Five Forces

In this estimation question we have analysed the market size of the number of hospitals in Delhi. Check out the step-by-step answer created by Mobiprep experts.

Estimation Question Step-1: Segmentation


types of hospitals

Segmentation of population of Delhi

Now, assume we have a bed for every 1000 person = 5500000/1000 = 5500 beds

Assuming, 50 beds per hospital = 5500/50 = 110 hospitals

Therefore, number of private hospitals are approximately 110.

Estimation Question Step-2: Solution

Types of government hospitals

Therefore, total number of govt. operated hospitals = 105+210 = 315 hospitals

Number of charitable hospitals = 1 per legislative assembly seat

So, = 1x70 = 70 hospitals

Therefore, total number of hospitals in Delhi = 110+315+70 = 495 hospitals (approximately)

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