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Accenture Recruitment Process for Freshers 2022

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

This article is for you if you are in your last year of graduation/post-graduation (2022 pass-outs) and are interested in exploring possibilities with Accenture. Here, we'll go through each phase of the Accenture Recruitment Process for Freshers 2022.

Accenture's whole recruitment pattern has altered this year. Accenture has also created two intriguing jobs, mainly:

  • ASE (Associate Software Engineer) and 

  • SE (Second Edition) ( Software Engineer).

Mobiprep can present you with the most recent Accenture recruiting pattern for the batches of 2022. To learn more about the Accenture Recruitment Process, read the entire article.

Accenture Recruitment Process - About Company:

Accenture plc is a global professional services firm specializing in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. It has been incorporated in Dublin, Ireland, since September 1, 2009, and is a Fortune Global 500 business.

  • Professional Services Industry

  • Founded in 1989, this company has been around for 30 years.

  • David P. Rowland is the current CEO (10 January 2019–).

Accenture Recruitment Exam Details:





Eligible Stream

BE/ and MCA


No active Backlog

Percentage Criteria

65% or 6.5 cgpa in graduation

Job Profile

ASE and SE

Accenture Recruitment Process - Selection Rounds:

Accenture conducts three to four rounds to recruit freshers to work as SDEs in their company.

  1. Cognitive and Technical Assessment

  2. Coding Ability

  3. Communication Assessment Round

  4. Interview Technical/ HR

Accenture Assessment Pattern:

The initial evaluation will be done in two parts, i.e.

  • Cognitive and Technical Assessment

  • Coding Ability



Questions and Time

Cognitive Ability

  • English Proficiency

  • Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

  • Reasoning in the abstract

50 Ques in 50 mins

Technical Assessment

  • MS Office and Common Application

  • Pseudo code 

  • Networking Security and Cloud Fundamentals

40 Ques in 40 mins

Coding Round (choose any language)

  • C

  • C++

  • JAVA

  • Python

  • Dot Net

2 Ques in 45 mins

Communication Assessment:

Accenture Section

Time Limit


Communication Assessment

20 min


HR Round:

You may anticipate being asked HR questions such as:

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

2. Why did you choose Accenture?

3. How do you envision yourself in five years?

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

5. Resume-related questions.

6. Internship/previous project questions.

Accenture Roles and Responsibility:

Accenture has two opportunities available for 2022 pass-outs this year, both with attractive compensation packages. The following are the details.

  • Associate Software Engineer, Associate (4.5 LPA)

  • Advanced Associate Software Engineer, Advanced (6.5 LPA)

Associate Software Engineer

  1. Design, create, test, assemble, support, and configure the application based on business requirements.

  2. Recognize the business elements that will influence performance and develop software to fulfill those objectives.

  3. Trends in technology should be incorporated into solutions. Contribute to the development of automated solutions, new features, and technologies, as well as their integration with existing systems.

  4. Responsible for customer assistance and problem resolution via phone, email, chat, and remote help.

Advanced Associate Software Engineer

  1. In an agile delivery approach, developing software from start to finish across all levels (front-end, middle layer, backend, test automation, and deployment) and taking a user story from concept to final product.

  2. Networking, database, user interface, API, and security are all areas that require improvement.

  3. Analysis and design, development, automated code review, unit testing/automation/performance testing, automated build, and deployment are only a few of the responsibilities.

  4. Use business requirements to design, create, test, assemble, and configure the application.

FAQs about Accenture Recruitment Process:

  1. What is the most crucial step in the Accenture hiring process? Because it is an elimination round, the Cognitive Ability and Technical Assessment is the most crucial round. As a result, be well-prepared for this part. To prepare for this tests you can use mobiprep handbook, and you can even test yourself by giving some practice tests on mobiprep.

  2. What types of questions will be asked during the Accenture interview round?Accenture's interview involves a combination of technical and HR questions. You will be quizzed on technical knowledge and a few fundamentals. Question from HR to assess your conduct and teamwork spirit. You can prepare for this round by reading mobiprep handbook and you can also take help from interview preparation provided by mobiprep.

  3. In Accenture, which round is the elimination round? The Cognitive and Technical Rounds are part of Accenture's first round. is an elimination phase. However, at certain colleges, the Coding Round is also used as an elimination round.

You can improve your coding ability on some platform like mobiprep, CodeChef, hacker rank and etc.

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