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Wipro Recruitment, Eligibility Criteria, Jobs.

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

After a lengthy wait, Wipro has finally launched its drive for the 2022 batch, and this website has been updated with all the latest Wipro Recruitment Process 2022 information.

This year, Wipro changed its placement pattern, but don't worry, Mobiprep is here to provide you with all the current and updated Wipro Recruitment Process 2022 For Freshers information.

Wipro mainly hires for two different roles. The two different roles are:

  • Project Engineer- 3.5 LPA

  • Wipro Turbo Engineer- 7 LPA

About the Company:

Wipro Recruitment Process

Wipro Limited (formerly Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited and, more recently, Western India Products Limited) is an Indian IT services company based in Bengaluru. Wipro is a leading provider of information technology, consultancy, and business process outsourcing services throughout the world. Wipro divided its non-IT operations into separate companies in 2013 to focus more on small businesses. Learn more about Wipro.

Wipro Recruitment Process:

The Wipro Recruitment Process can be divided into many phases.

  • Pre-Placement Talk

  • Online Test

  • Technical Round

  • HR

Wipro Assessment Pattern:


Number of Questions



Quantitative Aptitude


16 mins


Logical Reasoning


14 mins


Verbal English


18 mins




60 mins


Written Communication


20 mins


Online Test :

The online test includes of multiple-choice questions as well as essay writing. This is a timed test with a set amount of time allocated to each part. The following are the portions of the test:

  • Quantitative Aptitude

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Verbal Ability

  • Basic Programming and Computer Fundamentals

Click here to learn these skills.

Click here to get free handbook to ace these skills.

Click here to test your skills.

Essay writing:

You are given a specified amount of time to compose an essay on paper on the topic that has been assigned to you. Current events, politics, and abstract topics are all possibilities.

Before the online test, Wipro usually organizes a Group Discussion (GD). Following the online test, they may hold a Group Discussion (GD).

The following are characteristics of an excellent Wipro essay:–

  • Good organization (structure of the essay)

  • Proper diction (grammar, punctuations, and spelling errors)

  • Noteworthy ideas

  • Good vocabulary

  • Sentence variety

  • Length

The following are some points that can lower your exam score: –

  • Spelling mistakes

  • Grammatical errors

  • Punctuation errors

  • Relevancy of the essay

Technical Round :

To ace this round, you must be well-versed in your concepts. It will be simple for you to clear the round if you are familiar with the fundamental ideas. Because there is no set rule or domain from which questions will be asked, you must be well-versed in the fundamentals. To improve your chances, you should be familiar with data structures and algorithms, DBMS, OS, networking, OOPs concepts, and a programming language of your choosing. Students in fields other than computer science should study the fundamental concepts of their respective fields.

Coding Round: There will be 2 Coding Questions in this Round.

  • Question 1

    • General Coding

    • 20 min

  • Question 2

    • DSA Coding

    • 40 min

HR Round :

This is the last stage of the hiring process. Your effective communication, confidence, and body language will be evaluated by HR. Basic HR questions will be asked, such as "Tell me about yourself?" and "Why do you wish to join Wipro?" Depending on your input and HR, you may be asked various riddles and technical questions. The key to this round is to have faith in yourself.

Wipro Recruitment Eligibility Criteria:

This is the eligibility criteria for the latest Wipro recruitment:

  • Minimum 60% in X & XII

  • As per university requirements, a minimum of 60% in graduation and a CGPA of 6 or equivalent is required.

  • No standing arrears

  • A student must have completed a full-time degree programme approved by the Indian Central/State Government.

  • All examinations, vivas, and training should be completed, and there should be no lingering attendance requirements with the college.

The minimum is 65 percent in some situations or at a few select universities. The qualifying criteria may differ depending on the profile, for example, between Wipro and Wipro Turbo. Wipro Turbo is also exclusively offered at prestigious schools such as IITs, NITs, and VITs.

Wipro Recruitment FAQs:

Q1. In a Wipro interview, what types of questions would be asked?

The interview round will be split into two parts: technical and HR.

In a technical interview, questions will come from your domain and technical background, but in an HR interview, questions will focus on you and your objectives. You may use our Interview Preparation dashboard to prepare for your interview.

Q2. Which stage of the Wipro Fresher Recruitment Process is the most difficult?

Each Round has its own significance and challenge. However, the Coding Round is often regarded as one of the most difficult stages of the whole recruitment process. For additional information and practice questions, please visit our Coding Page.

Q3. What is the Aptitude Test's total time limit?

The Aptitude Test is divided into three sections: quantitative, logical, and verbal. There are 48 questions in all, with a total time limit of 52 minutes.

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