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Samsung India Recruitment Process for Freshers 2022

Samsung India


Samsung India is a division of the global technology giant, Samsung Electronics. It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, India.

The company has been involved in manufacturing televisions, smartphones and other electronics products since its inception. In addition to its core product lines such as smartphones and tablets (Galaxy A Series), semiconductors (Exynos), home appliances (Lavu & Microwave Ovens) etc., it also offers software solutions like Smart Home Automation Systems through its subsidiary Samsung Connected Devices Company Limited (SDC).

Company Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

The company recruitment process is a very important part of the company. It is also known as hiring or recruitment process, in which recruiters look for candidates who are suitable for the job and can do it well. The main aim of this process is to hire good employees who will help them perform better than ever before. If you want to get hired by any organization, then it's important that you know how they do their recruiting so that your chances at getting hired increase significantly!

Selection Procedure for Company Recruitment

  • Written Test: This is a written test and will be conducted by the HR department of the company.

  • Interview: The interview is held for the final selection process in order to determine if you have what it takes to be a part of our team.

  • HR Round: During this round, you will meet with some of our senior executives who can help guide you through your application process and introduce yourself as an employee at Samsung India!

Recruitment Test Pattern

The recruitment test pattern is as follows:

  • Test for each role.

  • Test based on the requirement of the role and candidate’s qualification.


At the end of the day, we have to admit it: The recruitment process can be a bit complicated. So in this post we’ve tried to summarize it all and make things easier for you.

If you want to work at any of these companies, definitely send them your resume! But if they don’t accept applicants from outside China then this should give you an idea on what processes they follow so that you won’t waste your time applying there unnecessarily. And if they do accept applications from outside China (or anywhere else), then hopefully this post has given some useful information about how exactly their hiring procedures work and what kind of job opportunities await those who are lucky enough to get accepted! Good luck!

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