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Estimate the length of roads in Delhi

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Mobiprep has created step by step solution to estimation questions for all product management and consulting interview questions to help you with the mastering placement interviews. So let’s get started with the estimation questions.

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In this estimation question we have analysed the market size of the length of roads in Delhi. Check out the step-by-step answer created by Mobiprep experts.

Estimation Question Step-1: Segmentation


We will begin with estimating total area ------> area of the roads ------> length of the roads

Assuming, Delhi to be a square and yellow & blue metro lines run diagonally to each other having an average of 30 stations situated in Delhi with an average distance between then to be 2 km.

Therefore, area of Delhi = 1/2x(2x30)x(2x30) = 1800 sq. km

Area of Delhi

Therefore, area of Delhi roads = 360 sq. km (approx)

Estimation Question Step-2: Solution

Different types of road in delhi

Average width of National = 25 mtrs (they are broadr as they are multi- Highways & flyovers lane highways and expressways)

Therefore, length of road = 0.2x360x1000/25 = 2880 km (approx)

Average width of state = 15 mtrs (they are generally smaller in width than NH) owned roads

Therefore, length of road = 0.3x360x1000/15 = 7200 km (approx)

Average width of MCD = 10 mtrs (they are smallest compare to all) owned roads

Therefore, length of road = 0.5x360x1000/10 = 18000 km (approx)

Therefore, the length of roads in Delhi = (2880 + 7200 + 18000) = 28080 km (approx)

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