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Oracle Recruitment Process for Freshers 2022



Oracle is a multinational software corporation headquartered in Redwood City, California, with offices in more than 170 countries and territories. Oracle was founded in 1977 by Larry Ellison and Bob Miner as an alternative to the mainframe computer platform used by other vendors. The company developed object-oriented programming languages and database management systems (DBMS) for the UNIX operating system while developing their own hardware. Oracle Corporation has since moved away from this industry focus on Unix systems but continues to develop products for Linux-based platforms through its OpenSolaris project under Oracle Solaris 10 SPARC T4 release (available as a free download). In recent years, Oracle has become known for its cloud computing business model where customers must pay monthly fees rather than purchase software licenses upfront; this allows Oracle to offer lower prices compared with competitors like Amazon Web Services Inc..

Company Recruitments

Company recruitments are the final stage of the Oracle Recruitment Process. In this stage, candidates will be shortlisted based on their profile and performance in tests and interviews. The selection procedure for company recruitment is very rigorous, and it involves multiple rounds of interviews with your potential employer before you can join their team. Companies conduct several rounds of screening before making an offer to a candidate. They also hire only those who have the right talent and experience required by them at any given time in order to meet their targets efficiently

Company Recruitment Eligibility Criteria

The company recruitment process for freshers is quite simple and straight forward. You need to have a bachelor's degree with minimum 60% marks in any discipline. If you don’t have enough experience, then we recommend starting your career with a part time job or internship before applying for jobs in large corporates.

The next step will be the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted by the UGC which tests your general knowledge and reasoning skills as well as technical skills like coding etc., so make sure that you prepare yourself well beforehand! After clearing NET, you can proceed further towards state-level examinations like State Eligibility Test (SET) conducted by respective state governments on behalf of Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Selection Procedure for Company Recruitment

The selection process for company recruitment is a three-stage process.

First, there is the written test. This consists of multiple choice questions and some short answer type questions. You can expect to be asked about your general knowledge, English speaking skills and mathematical ability.

Second, there are interviews with different departments within Oracle as well as other job seekers who are applying for this position. The interviewers will ask you questions about yourself and what kind of things make you stand out from others around you in terms of personality traits or work ethics etc., so they can get an idea how well suited candidates may be if they were hired into roles like these at Oracle Corporation Ltd..

Recruitment Test Pattern

  • Aptitude Test

  • Technical Interview

  • HR Interview

Company Recruitment FAQ’s

Oracle Recruitment Process

Oracle Recruitment Process is a set of steps that are followed to hire new employees. The recruitment process consists of:

  • Application form submission

  • Interviews (usually face-to-face)

  • Testing and evaluation


We hope this article has been helpful for you to know the process of Oracle Recruitment. With the help of this article, you can easily apply for the jobs and get selected easily.

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