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EY Recruitment Process for Freshers

Updated: May 10, 2023

For freshmen, EY offers both on-campus and off-campus recruitment activities. The EY recruitment process for fresher and eligibility prerequisites are the same on and off campus. Off-campus candidates can apply online, according to this page, which details the process of online campus recruiting. The exam format below will go over the recruitment process in depth.

EY Recruitment Process - About Company

EY Recruitment Process for Freshers

Ernst and Young, also known as EY, is a multinational professional consulting firm. It is a member of the Big 4 business conglomerate. Ernst & Young is a multinational consulting firm that specializes in audit, tax, business risk, technology and security risk, and human resource management.

In the early 1900s, Ernst and Young were two different companies that combined in 1988. EY employs about 200,00 people and has offices in over 150 countries. EY is headquartered in New York City. EY's primary business divisions are Assurance, Consulting, Strategy and Transactions, and Tax.

Industries for Which EY Recruits

The following are some of the major businesses that have engaged in the EY campus recruitment process:

  • Assurance

  • Tax

  • Advisory

  • Transactions

Various service lines provided by E&Y during the hiring process include actuarial, IT risk and assurance, performance measurement management, growth market, specialist services, and consultancy. This EY service line accounts for 19% of the company's revenue. Finance, IT, HR, administrative assistance, marketing, and business growth are all covered.

EY Recruitment Process - Job Role & CTC

Job Role


Cyber Security Analyst

4, 37, 173 LPA

EY Recruitment Process - Eligibility Criteria

Candidates that apply must meet the following EY qualifying criteria:

  • Graduation from 10th and 12th grades is necessary in 70% of cases.

  • The candidate's year gap is no more than one year.

  • An applicant who is taking part in the hiring process should not have any backlogs.

  • CSE, IT, ECE, and EE are the branches that are qualified to meet the EY eligibility criteria.

  • For EY Recruitment, candidates with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills were considered.

EY Selection Process

EY has a method for selecting candidates for their firm.

  • Written Test

  • Group Discussion

  • Technical and HR Interview

Written Test:


No. of question

Time Allotment

Quantitative Ability



Verbal Ability



Logical Reasoning



Programming Test



Situational Judgement Test






The above pattern will assist you in passing the EY grad hiring process. Those who successfully complete this stage will be able to go to the next. Make sure you comprehend every aspect of the test, as this will help you pass the first stage of the EY hiring process.

Group Discussion:

Only participants who have cleared the online exam phases will be eligible to participate in the EY graduate recruiting process's group discussion stage. This is the most important round. In this recruiting procedure, candidates' communication and leadership abilities will be assessed. Applicants must first complete phase I of the EY  selection process, during which they must adhere to the underlying principles of group debate, in order to advance to the next stage. The position should be mentioned, and candidates should not write during the interview because it would give the recruiter a bad impression.

Technical Interview:

The EY technical interview round will be held for the students who have been shortlisted. In this phase, candidates will be asked basic technical questions by technical recruiters. At this stage, candidates must possess technical knowledge.

Examples of questions asked in HR interviews at EY

  • Tell me something about yourself

  • What are your future Plans

  • What is your family background

  • Why EY

  • Why Auditing etc.

HR Interview:

This is the final step in the EY recruitment process, where you will meet with HR for an EY HR interview and clarify your joining date and other personal info. In order to establish if you would fit into the EY culture, HR will question about your motive for joining the business. For all applicants who have gone through the rounds and have reached this step, it is the most basic but vital phase.

Preparation Tips for EY Recruitment Interview Process

  • Refresh your maths, linguistic, and critical thinking abilities. Working at a business like EY requires these abilities. By brushing up on these abilities, you'll be able to go through each of your tests and assessment centre tasks more quickly.

  • The ability to manage one's time is crucial. The psychometric tests you'll take as part of the EY employment process are timed in many cases. Preparing ahead of time will allow you to respond to each question quickly and accurately, increasing your chances of beating the clock.

  • Complete and truthfully fill out behavioural surveys. The key to clearing this type of test is understanding how to respond to specific behavioural questions while remaining true to oneself.

  • Examine both the general skills EY is looking for and the specific skills specified in the job description you applied for. This might assist you in developing a better understanding of the company's intended personality and behavioral characteristics.

  • Tell the interviewer if you're unsure during a case study or face-to-face interview. Rather than attempting blindly, it is advisable to re-ask for clarity.

  • Keep your communication skills and presentation style in mind before taking the EY interview exam.

Some Important links to crack the interview:-

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