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Top Project Ideas for Final Year Engineering Students

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

7 Final Year Project Ideas for Engineering Students

Students are prepared for the corporate world through final year projects. After all, highlighting your hands-on expertise and projects on your portfolio makes it easier to capture the attention of hiring managers. If you're a senior year student, this blog is for you! Today, Mobiprep experts discuss a few final-year project ideas to help you narrow down your options. So, let's get this party started!

Why Final Year Project is Important?

The primary goal of incorporating final year projects into the course curriculum is to encourage students to apply their theoretical knowledge in real-world situations. Working on final-year projects allows students to combine their intellectual and practical abilities to tackle real-world engineering and commercial problems.

Students can choose specialized study topics for their final year projects in order to get comprehensive knowledge and hone specific skills in that domain. In addition, while working on their final year projects, students develop an awareness of real-world functional processes.

Some objectives of final year projects are as follows:

  • Allow students to demonstrate their practical talents in a safe environment.

  • Encourage students to apply their university-level academic knowledge.

  • Assist students in developing intellectual skills like logical thinking, analytical abilities, teamwork, and communication.

  • Final-year projects are designed to assist students develop their creative abilities by building a new system from the ground up. Additionally, these projects inspire students to enhance their communication abilities, both verbally and in writing.

  • Final year projects, in general, assist students in preparing for professional life. It's simpler to get the attention of potential employers if you highlight your hands-on experiences and projects on your CV.

So, if you're a senior in high school, these are the concepts you should try.

Top 7 Final Year Project Ideas for CSE in 2022:

Address book:

The address book project is a basic GUI application that allows users to enter various contact details and see them in a list style. Users can save details such as their name, phone number, and address.To create a new contact record, a user must type the appropriate information into the text boxes and then click the add button. They can also delete any contact records that are no longer needed. The three major elements of this Python final year project are,, and

Alarm clock:

This Python project for beginners is really useful. The programme is a CLI (Command Line Interface) with a difference. In addition to the standard alarm clock functions of clock, alarm, stopwatch, and timer, this alarm clock has YouTube integration. You can use a text file to incorporate YouTube links and have the application read the file. As a result, when you set an alarm, the application will randomly select a YouTube link from of the text file and play it.

Magic 8 ball:

This is an excellent first project. Like a toy Magic 8 ball, this programme will provide answers to users' questions. Allow individuals to ask their questions first, then show a "in-progress" message before delivering the response. If any user asks, "What is your favourite colour?" for example. Any colour name could be given as a response. As a result, you'll need to programme between 10 and 20 responses. In addition, the app should give consumers the option of continuing to play or exiting the game.

Currency converter:

Another GUI application on the list, this project, entails creating a currency converter that can change the value of one currency into another. The problem here is that currency values fluctuate on a daily basis.However, you can overcome this difficulty by import an Excel file containing the most recent currency values. You'll need a basic understanding of Python programming and the Pygame module to complete this project.

Emotion recognition software:

In this project, you will create an emotion recognition system with audio input. It's a straightforward but useful final-year assignment for students to hone their real-world skills. Python, Support Vector Machine, RNN method, and Convolutional Neural Network are all necessary for this project. The model may be trained using the Vox celebrity dataset, which has a variety of speech samples, and the Librosa package can be used to extract and classify audio samples. It's an excellent app for anyone who have trouble hearing.

Dice rolling simulator:

The dice rolling simulator is a Python programme that can simulate the functionalities of an actual rolling dice. When a player rolls the dice in the game, a random number between 1 and 6 is created and displayed as the final comment. Because the system allows the user to roll the dice several times, the user may do it as often as they like. When a user rolls the dice, the dice rolling simulator should be able to select and display a random number.

Customer Segmentation system:

Unsupervised learning is widely used by brands to gain a better understanding of their target audience through consumer segmentation. Client segmentation divides a company's target consumer into buyer personas based on factors such as purchasing habits, gender, age, area, income, interests, and preferences, among others. The partition strategy is used in this project to divide clients into groups based on these characteristics. R, K-mean clustering, Density-based clustering, and Model-based clustering are among the other needs for the consumer segmentation project.

Wrap Up:

To recap, all of these tasks will strengthen your resume by presenting your practical skills and experience to potential employers.Check our other career blogs for prepare placement interview as well.


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