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REAN Framework

This framework was first introduced in the book Cult of Analytics by Steve Jackson. This is the framework that focuses on the engagement of the user with a product. The REAN model stands for Reach, Engage, Activate, and Nurture. This model is infinitely flexible and can adapt to different kinds of marketing. Many teams use this to test how capable the product is of capturing the audience.

👉🏻 Reach

Reach focuses on how well-known a product or a brand is. It aims at how far can the product attract users in the market. These include processes that exponentially increase the popularity of a brand among users.

👉🏻 Engage

This domain aims at making the users understand the product rather than selling it. This is an informative aspect that helps understand the user what he/she is buying. The company engages users in some activities that help them understand the product.

👉🏻 Activate

This part of the tool measure if the users are taking any actions on the product or the service. How can we make more people interested in trying our product?

This domain helps us understand the effectiveness of processes that we take while making the product.

👉🏻 Nurture

This domain specializes in nurturing a bond between the product and the user. This makes the user want to return to use the services again. This is helpful in re-engaging with the customers.


This is one of the frameworks that can help if you need support. By leveraging multiple uses of the REAN network, you can build a strong foundation to raise the budget for remarketing or remodeling the product. By utilizing the REAN model, you can effectively analyze, restructure, and improve your marketing strategy using concrete metrics and insights!!

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