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Be a Kuberenetes Applciation Develpor in 2022!!!!

What exactly is the concept of Kubernetes??

It is an open-source platform to manage containerized workloads and services. It is both portable and extensible. The word Kubernetes is derived from Greek which means helmsman or pilot.

Kubernetes is container-centric management software that was developed by Google cloud in 2014 as an open-source platform. It provides automated container orchestration which reduces the time required as well as resources.

As defined by Google, "Kubernetes is an open-source system to deploy, scale, and manage containerized applications anywhere."

Why is it so much used?

Kubernetes was inspired by Google's internal cluster management system "Borg". It is making everything with deploying and managing your applications easier.

Some of the advantages include:-

  • Automated Operations

A lot of internal operations make it easier for a user to complete his everyday tasks. A lot of tasks have status information which helps make sure everything is going according to the intended purpose.

  • Service health checks

If any of the containers fail abruptly, it makes sure it gets a boot up again and runs perfectly again. It provides continuous health checks that provide a smooth experience. This is also called Auto healing.

  • Proper Infrastructure.

The infrastructure of Kubernetes handles the storage and workload and makes everything accessible to you. This way, the developers can focus just on the application.

How to Master It!!

Now that we know what Kubernetes really is about, let's see how you can become one!!!

You cannot just learn the Kubernetes in a command-line environment and call yourself a Kubernetes application developer. In recent years, Kubernetes has become the new trend in the computer application community.

Let's see some of the major milestones you need to cross in order to become a Kubernetes Application developer.

  • Basics of Kubernetes

It includes learning about the various features of Kubernetes. It is a very easy-to-use deployment service for various applications.

  • How to configure and schedule pods

Pods are the most basic units in Kubernetes. These are ephemeral in nature so we need a strategy or a mechanism to make sure new pods are created when the old ones are not of use. Learning how to schedule and configure it is one of the most basic operations you need to learn.

  • Multi-container pods

A pod can have more than one container. The containers can be in contact with each other flawlessly so a multi-container pod comes into play.

  • Pod design

A few multi-container pod designs are Sidecar, Adapter, and Ambassador. These hold up the framework you work with together.

  • Security and network in Kubernetes

These services include:-

  1. Network Policies

  2. Security Context

  3. Service Accounts

  4. Role-based access control

  • Debugging in Kubernetes and its obervailibility

Once the application has been deployed, how do you check what is going on afterward??

Some of the mechanisms we need to learn are:-

  1. Getting container logs.

  2. Information about the pods.

  3. How to troubleshoot and debug?

  • Practice!!!

There are a lot of various courses to get certified in Kubernetes Application Developer. Before we get to know them, one thing that will help you is practice. It does not mean you need to mug up codes or things.

Implementation is the key!!

Online Courses for you to get certified!!

We have come up with the most recognized resources to get certified in the field of Kubernetes Application development.

  • CKAD with Tests - Udemy

This course on udemy is one of the most popular and entertaining courses for Kubernetes. It is a 7-hour-long course with 62 well-organized articles.

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer 2022 - Udemy

This course requires Knowledge of Dockers as a prerequisite. It is a 10-hour long course that is specifically focused on people who want to clear the CKAD examination.

  • Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) - Whizlabs

It is a 7-hour long course that covers all the topics necessary mentioned above in the blog. You are offered unlimited offline access which makes it one of the best courses on Whizlabs

  • Architecting with Google Kubernetes Engine Specialization

With about 6000 ratings, it is scored a 4.7/5 course. It is a free course available on Coursera which includes Google Compute Engine and Google App Engine (GAE) as well. You can check it out here.

  • Kubernetes for Developers: Core Concepts - Pluralsight

This course is focused on the core insights of Kubernetes. For someone who is just starting to learn about Kubernetes can positively get this course.

  • Kubernetes for Developers: Integrating Volumes and Using Multi-container Pods - Pluralsight

This is a 2-hour long course that focuses on the in-depth use of multi-container pods. If you know about the basics of Kubernetes and have ground rules know, it is a great course to start with.


Kubernetes is a service that helps deploy applications easier and faster. If you want to become an efficient Kubernetes Application Developer in 2022, the above-mentioned resources are the best out there!!

And yes "Practise is the key to success."

Good luck!!

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